L'état de l'entrepreneuriat au Canada

le 5 Mars 2010 - Balises : Entrepreneuriat, Recherches et données

Istock 000001257465xsmallIndustrie Canada a produit, en collaboration avec les professeurs Eileen Fischer (Université York) et Rebecca Reuber (Université de Toronto), un rapport qui dresse un portrait de l'état de l'entrepreneuriat au Canada.

Ce rapport, intitulé L'état de l'entrepreneuriat au Canada, rend compte des activités entrepreneuriales au Canada au fil du temps et les compare à celles des pays phares.

Les indicateurs de rendement entrepreneurial observés incluent : les taux de création et de disparation des entreprises, les taux de survie, les entreprises à forte croissance et les gazelles, et les dépenses en recherche et développement.

Le rapport définit aussi le profil des propriétaires de petites et moyennes entreprises (PME) canadiennes et il précise les points forts, les points à améliorer, et les points importants qui, actuellement, ne peuvent pas être analysés.


This study appears to cover the same ground as the ‘Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’ Research Study. That study covers 59 countries world wide, uses a standard set of research questions and thus provides comparators between countries. It would inform policy makers of much useful information. Canada was one of the nations within the GEM study, until Montreal lost its project financing. Canada needs to restart a Canadian GEM team.

Par Ray le 8 Mars 2011

I’m doing some research on the number of people with disabilities in Ontario that are self employed in comparison to non disabled entrepreneurs.  Do you have such info?

Par Dawna le 13 Mai 2011

Hi Dawna,

You may be able to obtain some of the data that you are looking for by contacting Statistics Canada with your question about the number of people with disabilities who are self-employed. You may make a request on their website or by calling toll-free at 1-800-263-1136 (TTY 1-800-363-7629).
There are also some statistics available online from Statistics Canada that address some of your criteria:

•  Labour force survey estimates (LFS): Provides estimates of self-employed individuals. Under “Geography”, select Ontario, and under “Class of worker”, select “self-employed”. Please note that this request costs $3.00.

•  Participation and Activity Limitation Survey 2006: Tables (part III): Canada’s national survey that gathers information about adults and children whose daily activities are limited by a physical, mental, or other health-related condition or problem.

You may be able to get some additional information from the Ontario Disability Support Program: Employment Supports, or by contacting the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network, as they offer employment and entrepreneurship support for persons with disabilities.

Par Entreprises Canada le 17 Mai 2011

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